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Cruising the Nusa Tenggara Islands

Triple-X  Cruise programs mainly has premier way of the journeys to some of the exotic and beautiful island in the Lesser Sunda, with exploring the villages where locals live stunning peak roofed houses and the world's most intricate traditional clothes....  Detail fact please see below :


Lombok, located just east of Bali's magical island. This is an island with sparkling beaches more beautiful than anything Bali can muster with its white sand, craft villages and rice terraces carved into the beautiful landscape. The three Gili island surrounding Lombok are underwater paradise for diver and snorkeler. Shore excursion will take you to the traditional village of Karang Bayan and Lingsar temple with its unique view built in 1714, where Hindus, Buddhist and  'WetuTelu' Moslems worship together in the same altar


Sumbawa Besar is the capital of West Sumbawa, once ruled by Sultanete from South  Celebes, In the past centuries, traders made this island rich for  its timbers, sturdy horses and magnificent fragrant. The town and surrounding village provide a fascinating  panoramas into an age - old culture. Our passenger will embark at Badas Harbor for  a land excursion to the Sultan of Sumbawa's  former  palace and the traditional village where welcome by cultural dancing continued with ceremonial  buffalo racing demonstrated by the villager.


Moyo island, a wildliufe and marine reserve.  This peaceful island is suit for swimming and snorkeling on the remainder of the day after you have explored the Sumbawa  Besar.


Bima with its busy traditional harbor of East Sumbawa. In this island you will be able to visit the local market and the former Sultan of Bima palace, which is now be a museum housing a collection of sacred treasures and antique weapon. The traditional villager will welcoming you with the local dances and learn the customs strongly influenced by Moslem settlers. 


Komodo island, a Jurassic Park of an island, home  of the giant "Varanus Komodoensis"  dragon lizard. This ancient dragon grow up to 150 kilo grams with four meters length. June and September are the best month to observe this prehistoric monster up close. They can kill a goat and even cannibalize their own. Your tour will safely escorted by experienced park ranger, you can walk through the Komodo National Park with its dry savana forest, the habitat of wild boar, deer and myriad  of exotic birds. We will offer you with the unusually  a pink hue beaches with spectacualr reefs, teeming with tropical fish. Dolphin are often seen in this straits too.


Satonda with its beautiful marine reserve, where you can relax  and a free time for swimming and  snorkeling.  Trekking is one of the activities will take after your relax and snorkeling / swimming time also visit the vising village.

The itineraries

Day 01 Embarkation,  Benoa harbour Denpasar - Bali
Day 02 Sumbawa Besar - Moyo Island
Day 03 Bima
Day 04 Komodo National Parks
Day 05 Satonda Island
Day 06 Teluk Nara - Lombok
Day 07 Disembarkation, Benoa harbour Bali



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